Mu is the first Palm OS emulator capable of actually playing Palm games. It is currently capable of playing most 160×160 Palm OS 4 software perfectly. There are a few hardware abstraction glitches and sound FIFO inaccuracies but other than that the device works and the audio plays normally, with no hacks done to the OS.

The main target is RetroArch so it runs on everything, an additional Qt port is available for desktop and Android with debug tools, but Qt itself is horribly broken on Android right now for multiple reasons.




The name

The word “emulator” gets shortened to “emu” so I just shortened “emu” to “mu”, it was originally just called “palmm515emu” but that was too bland and I was hesitant to give it a name until I was sure I would finish it.


Progress reports, important findings and other events related to Mu development.